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& Coffee

Many a true word hath been spoken in jest; none truer than the slights hurled at the groundlings of the classic Elizabethan theater in the time of Shakespeare. Peasants indeed, and crammed like sardines, raucous commoners filled the pits. But don’t mistake the plebeians for uncultured or dim-witted because the pit was freedom. It was community and passion. Closer to the action, immersed in the performance, and free to cheer, jeer, and commandeer the show, the spirited groundlings had uncommon power. Inspired by this liberty and the humanity of the theater experience, Groundling Coffee Company offers craft coffee with a mighty mission – to democratize access to arts education in NYC public schools. Support us, and you support all of us. Commoners unite! We stand and we fight. Culture, community, and coffee, forthright!

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